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security doors feature - clear vision

Clear vison

security doors feature - Air flow and circulation of Fresh Air

Air flow & circulation

security doors feature - energy saving ass it allows cool air into home

Energy Saving

security doors feature - 60% UV blockage

60% UV blockage

security doors feature - protetction from flies and mosquitoes

Protection from files & mosquitoes

security doors feature - shows an impact on resistance

Impact resistance

security doors feature - Appealing design

Appealing design

security doors feature - no bars or grills or iron rods which give a great look

No bars

security doors feature - easy use, enter and exit

Easily use, entry & exit.

security doors feature - custom made to sute all types of houses

Custom made

Security Mesh

Woven with high-tensile stainless steel wire, each strand is individually tested to International Standards...Read More

Mesh for Security doors and windows

Aluminum Sash

Manufactured with high quality (grade 6063-T5)aluminium for strength...Read More


Handles, Locks and Hardware

Only tested and approved security hardware is selected to ensure strength and durability...
Read More



Premium Security Doors and Windows

Premium, innovative, protection,with stainless steel mesh surpasses Australian standards for security doors & windows provides you protection together with ventilation and unobstructed views to protect..the ones you Love.

Meshtec Screen

Security Doors

Hinged doors

Hinged Doors

Hinged security doors are often the first line of defense for the home owner.

French Door

French Doors

The heavy duty hinges also lendd a practical aspect by ensuring snug closure

Patio Doors with Windows


Patio enclosures allow you to secure an exterior area, making it insect proof, with floor to ceiling screens.

Single sliding Glass door

Double / Single Doors

Many homes incorporated one or more sliding doors as access to entertainment areas, back yards and patios.

Bi-folded doors for home

Bi- Fold Doors

While closed allows an abundance of natural light into your home with easy accessibility through a single operating door.

Security screen Stacker doors

Stacker Doors

Sliding Stacker doors open your home up to your entertaiment area within seconds without taking up any interior or exterior space.

Product Gallery

Security mesh for Doors
Security mesh for doors
Security doors
Meshtec Screen doors
premium screen doors
Metal security doors
Mesh security window

Standard Aluminum Frame Color

  • Standard Aluminum Frame Color - Matte BlackMatte Black
  • Standard Aluminum Frame Color - BrownBrown
  • Standard Aluminum Frame Color - WhiteWhite
Standard Aluminum Frame Color palette
Safetec Doors

General Information

SECURITY MESH: Option of either 304 grade or 316 marine grade, each strand individually tested to exacting International Standards

ALUMINIUM SASH: The SAFETEC Powered by MESHTEC fixing system is available in a full range of colors and styles to suit. Our innovative system is registered under International Patents.

LOCKS & HARDWARE: The specially designed 'Multi-Point-Lock' system provides ease and convenience of use and a aminimum of fuss: one simple action to engage or disengage all locking points.

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